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Whether your endeavor is in the realm of sustainable renewable energy, real estate, design, merchandising, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, intellectual property & licensing, Sanji PM will assist in developing, organizing and managing your development team to enhance and fulfill your objectives.

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Entrepreneurship is a culture! Shall it be yours?

Representative Experience

  • Sanji Oto (think tank)

  • Discover Aloha, A Hawaii Non-Profit (air/travel scholarships)

  • ExtraSpace Self-Storage (Oahu, Maui)

  • Thrilla Krew/HGB (manufacturing, retail, wholesale, licensing)

  • Thrilla Krew/HGB (Henshin-anime, manga)

  • Kamaole Grand (Kihei 217-unit condo project)

  • Hokupaa Homes (HBRP's Kalama 14-single family homes)

  • Family Health & Wellness Center (CMS certified PCMH/ACO medical facility): Honolulu

  • Lokahi Physician Services (medical support services)

  • Wishbone Colorado (THC)

  • Wishbone CC/Wishbone Resource Solutions (CBD)

  • Levy Family Partners/LevRed (Paiko Ridge)

  • Pacific Gateway Center/Hokupili (Paiko Ridge)

  • HCDB: Mana Industrial Park (Hawaiian Community Development Board)

  • Suma Farm/CMAD: organic grows (Castle Complex)

  • CH4AG: anaerobic digester systems/methane production

  • NMTC/Opportunity Zone: Oahu/Waianae, Maui/Molokai

  • CES Hawaii (WTE, AD, GKG organic feedstock)

  • Hawaii Mana (nutraceuticals)

  • EPMM (branded product service agreements)

  • Alutiiq (DOD)

  • Pacific Telehealth/Telehealth Partners

  • Pacific Renewable Partners (Hawaii, Japan)

  • Blue Hawaii Surf (retail, wholesale)

  • Bee Flat (manufacturing, wholesale)

  • Boardriders Club/Quiksilver (80/20 retail concept)

  • Amerikids (licensed aseptic pack juice)

  • LJN Toys/MCA (3rd-party Nintendo video game, water gun)

  • T & C Surf Designs/CHP (retail, manufacturing, wholesale, licensing)

  • Oriental Precision Corporation (OPC), Seoul, Korea: electronics

  • Tawhiri Power, originally KWEP (21MW wind farm, South Point, Hawaii)

  • Haessler Tilbury Platten Johnson (oil & gas, real estate, franchising/licensing)

  • Shinkawa Limited (Pex of Hawaii, Goldsmiths Hawaii, Mandarin, Pendulum, Jewels of Waikiki) retail, wholesale, manufacturing


Paul Shinkawa, Managing Member

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